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The Opponent
Who is using your mind?
Movie transcript - 6. The Opponent, veiled face in dark. Yours.
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Emotions are a very important component in the response mechanism of the human energy field to stimuli and perceptions it receives from all that surrounds him. An emotion, as we all can witness and experience, produces immediate effects on our physical body, and can change almost instantly our response behaviour, which is adapting quickly to the most known and experienced way able to bring into balance our whole energy system.

But how an emotion is born?

An emotion is basically a alteration in the body that occurs through the production and release of hormones and neurotransmitters into the various connection systems of our bodies. This change, this stimulation, is immediately captured by our perceptual mechanisms, then it is interpreted as a response to a particular external situation that have caused in ourselves this reaction.
emotion == lat. EMOTIONEM from EMOTUS
p.p of EMOVERE: to take out, to shift,
to shake, with particle ’E’ that adds
strength to the action expressed by
the following word, E MOVERE

etimology of the word emotion (it. emozione)
from on line etymological dictionary www.etimo.it
For example, the perception of a tiger in freedom, without protective bars a few meters away from us, will cause in the vast majority of us the release of a hormone well known to all, the adrenalin; and this release will cause the resulting interpretation of our perceptual mechanism, that will associate this feeling with a precise pattern that is called Fear.
Fear is a great cloud.
Makes the cold even colder,
the dark still darker.
But let it raise
and it will disappear.

From the book Return of the Jedi by James Kahn
An emotion, then, is nothing but a sensation in the body, that we perceive as a response to an event that has affected our Field of Consciousness. The alteration of the chemical equilibrium in our body produces an instantaneous sensation, and it is this sensation that we call an emotion. A shaking.

What intervenes to give meaning, to interpret, the emotion we are feeling? Of course, the models that have been included within the mind that we place in power of the interpretation of Reality, that is, in most cases, the Surface Mind. If we do not gave a name to what we are feeling, the emotion would be felt only as a sensation in the body, that born, would have its peak, and then decline, to disappear fairly quickly.
Is it fear that stops you from taking action?
In this case you must acknowledge the fear,
observe it, give it attention,
be fully present in front of it.
By doing so, you break the link
between fear and your thinking.
Do not let fear
rise up to your mind

Eckhart Tolle
The key element, simple, yet profoundly important in this scenario, is that the mechanism for creation of emotions is bidirectional. Emotions can also be created in the absence of a real external stimulus, focusing our imaginative capacity and consequently our attention on something that will be a catalyst. If you activate an internal image as a catalyst, and maintain it long enough, the physical body will be flooded with emotions associated with it, as if this picture was really going on.

If we listen to relaxing music, and imagine to be comfortably lying down on a lawn, the physical body begins to produce hormones and neurotransmitters that are related to this scenario even if we are sitting on an uncomfortable chair in an urban basement. Anyone of us understands and knows with certainty that this mechanism works, because undoubtedly everyone practiced it many times in the course of their existence in various situations.

In this simple, automatic, normal human behaviour, engages one of the tactical masterpieces of the Opponent to perpetuate itself and its control over us. In a way that, perhaps, you already begin to realize.

As we have seen, the vast majority of humans use the Surface Mind as the element of interpretation of their perceptions, in an inherited, automatic and unconscious way.

The control mechanism of the generation and interpretation of emotions is then run by the Surface Mind, because it was unconsciously put at the helm of the interpretation of perceptions.

The Surface Mind is generally under the control of the Opponent. That is to say, it is focused on very specific thought patterns that we have already seen in chapter number 4 (Phobos).

These patterns of thought invariably produce emotions. Emotions that are saturating our beautiful planet Earth and all its inhabitants for millennia; emotions that have the sole purpose of perpetuating the presence of the Opponent in our Field of Consciousness; emotions that are based on unrealistic assumptions that have no connection with our well-being and with what we really are; emotions that are all related to a fundamental emotion: Fear.
Your anxiety is nothing
but the anxiety of the Volador; always fearful
that his stratagem is discovered
and his food denied.
Through the mind that, after all, is their,
the Voladores instill in the lives of human beings
what suits them best;
guaranteeing a certain level of security
that will calm their fear.

Carlos Castaneda
How does the Surface Mind produce these emotions which are the fuel of the Opponent?

Generating through internal dialogue conditioned thought patterns, that are gradually loaded with emotion, through this constant inner dialogue.

This is the main weapon of attack and control of the Opponent for the human Field of Consciousness; it is perhaps its only chance to get us through deception to create something that is exclusively to its advantage: it gets us asleep through overfeeding and conditioned use of the Surface Mind, in order to enter our Field of Consciousness, and manipulate it for its own purposes, by making us believe we are it.

At the unconscious mercy of this mechanism, human beings do nothing but to perpetuate patterns of learned behavior, that have no connection with what they really are. Feeding unreal patterns of thought, unrelated to their very essence, human beings produce emotions that, instead of supporting and making them happy, only feed and support the Opponent, and deprives them of Energy and Life Force, constructive and positive.

Following the Surface Mind, which is made of thousands of voices that are not theirs, human beings act in the world living a life that is not theirs, acting as they really are not, at the mercy of the Opponent without having the slightest suspicion.
For example, when a bad mood pervades you
and you begin
to identify yourself with a negative state of the mind
and thinking how horrible your life is,
your thoughts
have aligned to the Pain Body
and you became unconscious
and vulnerable to the attack of the Pain Body.
Unconscious, that is to say
identified with some mental or emotional pattern,
in total absence
of the Silent Observer.

Eckhart Tolle
The trigger and the involuntary self-reinforcement of the vicious circle inner dialogue-emotion is thus the main weapon available to the Opponent in its efforts to disempower our Field of Consciousness. Now, we descend further into the details of this process, in order to become more aware of how we are skillfully manipulated. A process that we will call, from now on, the Disempowering Spiral.
A Warrior has control.
Not on other human beings,
but on his own emotions.
He does not repress them,
he expresses them,
but only at the right time.

Don Miguel Ruiz