A MareNectaris production
Lo Sfidante
The Opponent
Who is using your mind?
All human beings that born in our marvellous planet Earth have the right to live a full, happy, intense Life. A Life that expresses itself in its unrepeatable uniqueness, that seeks the gift of Wisdom, and that actively contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of the entire human community.
This right, this natural heritage of an extraordinary Life, was overshadowed.
By what?
What does it stand between us and the Life we desire, the Dreams we want to achieve, the Peace we want to feel? We have been conditioned to believe that something outside us is the cause of our unhappiness, but it is not. Something that acts within us unleashes outside the hell from which we want to flee, but from which we cannot deprive of. Something of which we aren't conscious, because no one has ever explained us where to look; except, of course, all traditions of inner research that have a basis in Truth, because all of them, without exception, always indicate the exact point where to look and the exact way to break free.
A set of forces acts on everyone of us in order to disempower us, and make us fearful, weak, doubtful, emotionally attached to bad habits, and lead to delay rather than to act. This set of forces is supported by our not-knowledge of the means it uses to disempower us, but it can be inactivated, to finally allow the Consciousness to unfold itself towards what It really is.
This documentary movie identifies this set of forces with the word Sfidante, the Opponent. A word of convenience, like an indicator signal. Towards a reality that it's time to reveal, to face, and spread.
In the movie, we will see how the Opponent disempowers us, what kind of means it uses to do it, and a possible way out that leads us to set ourself free from its harmful interaction.