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Lo Sfidante
The Opponent
Who is using your mind?
Lo Sfidante: movie transcript - 1. Have you ever seen your Opponent?
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Billions of human being actually live on our wondrous Earth.

The Infinity has given everyone of them a very powerful tool. A tool that in almost all cases has been undervalued, or in the worst hypothesis not understood at all. A tool that allowed and allows human beings, to create, more or less consciously, every things they desire.

The mind.

A very powerful tool, so powerful, to require attention and awareness in its use. Because as it can be used to create beautiful and harmony masterpieces, it can be used to create disharmony and suffering monsters as well.

The mind of human beings, our mind, is an extraordinary powerful tool but very simple in its base functioning. Nevertheless, its enormous power, added to the simplicity of its management and unawareness of its potential, can give form, and even feed, something that is not in our plans. Something that instead of sustaining, steal us energy. Something that in this very moment has, under its control, the greater part of the human beings living on the planet.

The apparently normal state of the mind of human being majority at the end of their education process transmitted by their predecessors, intended as a snapshot of its activity in any given moment is this:

Practically everyone of us, in any of our differences concerning countries, gender, age, culture, is sharing this characteristic. Everyone.

Its intensity can vary depending on some cultural factor as the education received, or the ethical values of the society in which we are born; in fact, there are some cultures and societies that do not develop these characteristics automatically. Furthermore, it can be more or less accentuated based on personal characteristics. But, after a certain moment, typically in the first childhood, the so called human being normal mental activity becomes an unstoppable confusion.

This is the so called normal state of the human beings mind, because shared between billions of people, thus considered normal.

Is it possible thinking lucidly in the middle of this chaos ?
Is it possible being able to see things with attention and clearness, if inside we are in this mental state ?
Would you be able to listen with attention to something or someone if in the external reality you were in a place with a constant environmental noise like that ?
Isn't strange this confusion is fluttering in the mind of almost all human being on this Earth ?

Here is the first footprint, on the shores of Awareness, of something elusive and evasive, which acts indiscriminately on every human being in the same way. Mess. Inability to concentrate. Inconstancy.
Not being able to stop thinking
is a terrible affliction,
but we do not realize it
because almost everyone suffers this,
so it is considered normal.

Eckhart Tolle
Normal? Of course there is another side to the coin. There are human beings on this wondrous Earth whose natural state of mind is silence. A huge space in which they perceive and celebrate in peace and joy everything that is, which allows them to think clearly, see clearly, listen carefully, and then create wonderful creations of beauty and vibrant harmony. This happens because they have defeated something in them that did not allow them to be who they really are.
Ancient shamans called it
Inner Silence
because it is a state in which the perception
is not dependent on the senses,
but on other faculty of the human,
the faculty that makes the human a magical being
which has been weakened not by the man himself,
but by some extraneous influence.

Carlos Castaneda
How have they achieved this result ? Why they wanted it ? What prevented them from reaching it ?
If you want to achieve the Awakening
you must practice here and now
without the slightest delay.

Dogen Zenji
The second elusive footprint on the shores of Awareness is a simple assessment. Can you stop, at your wish, this incessant and useless mental activity that is constantly populating your mind ?

You are not able to stop this unnecessary mill of the mind, if not for two or three seconds, with a discrete effort. Naturally, you might think it is a normal fact, and the funny thing is that you "think" it really. The mind that articulates thoughts, through one of its thoughts , is "thinking" that it can not be interrupted in his useless mill, and how could it be otherwise ? Can the mind think about not thinking ?

However, this simple test puts you in front of a series of indisputable facts.

First. Your mind is not under your control, because if it were, you would be able to stop the useless mental activity whenever you want, and for as long as you want, not for just two or three seconds.

Second. You tried to interrupt your mental activity, without success. Therefore, it follows that "something" within you, tried to stop the mental activity as well inside you, managing it for a while. So this "something" has been able to observe and drive a phenomenon that is beyond the thinking mind. And if it so, this "something" in you is not your mind that articulates thoughts. Or better, this "something" in you is not the mind that articulates confused, unnecessary, unstoppable thoughts.

But if there is something in you that is not the mind that thinks this kind of thoughts, then who are you ?
And why your thinking mind is out of control ?
If your thinking mind is out of control, and you are not this mind, where are your actions originating from ?