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Lo Sfidante
The Opponent
Who is using your mind?
Movie transcript - 10. The first weapon
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The first weapon at our disposal, a very serious blow to the perpetuation of the Opponent in our Field of Consciousness, although the most accessible in terms of mental understanding of its undeniable benefits, is itself already the factor that causes the surrender of 98% of presumed applicants for building a better life for themselves.

Of course, it's the Opponent who surrenders itself and our Consciousness that's identified in the yield, because the Opponent knows how this weapon is harmful to it. But in fact, what happens is that humans avoid right from the beginning to wield this weapon and, in some cases, they even come to rebel against it. And if human beings do not wield this weapon, they won’t have access not even to the next, because the other weapons require a certain level of mastery of this inner state to liberate in the course of time their benefits exponentially.

What are we talking about? The inner state of mind of discipline.
Talk about discipline,
and most people run away,
like hordes of Mongols on the verge
of pouring down from the mountains.
It’s funny to see
how much the ego plays for time
rather than accepting your authority
on it.

Stuart Wilde
Discipline is a dangerous word: many people associate discipline, in fact, with a forced, bound regime, with an inner forcing, whereas discipline has nothing to do with this. By discipline we mean a way of being and acting based on three basic elements:
  • Deciding our actions consciously
  • Acting without expectations
  • Accepting any result in serenity
In general, human beings do the exact opposite: they decide their actions as a consequence of something, they act with all sorts of expectations towards themselves and other human beings, and given that the result of their actions is very, very often different from what they expected (that is, another expectation), they never welcome results in serenity, but with resentment, regret and reluctance. Of course, each of these behaviours are an inheritance induced in them by the domain of the Opponent that's perpetuated for millennia.

Discipline, understood as the union of these three basic elements, generates instead an energetic wave of positive emotions and enthusiasm, energy currents that are completely antithetic to those of which the Opponent feeds. Moreover, the three elements are already in themselves individually antithetic to the general rules by which we live our lives, and this set of factors can determine, if discipline is maintained over time, the rooting of an inner state that prevents the Opponent to easily access our energy.

But the key of discipline, and its tremendous added value, lies in its permanence in time. A discipline is nothing but an illusion, if not maintained for as long as it needs to take root and unfold.
The Power
from Discipline.

Stuart Wilde
Consciously deciding our actions means to evaluate the situation of life in which we are, and then decide one or more actions to be performed, taking into account the best possible energetic and functional efficiency available to us at that moment; that is to say, choose a direction that points straight to improve our living conditions, to an increase of our well-being and our vitality, to an inner and personal growth. In a chaotic life driven by the Opponent, there's never time to stop and really think about our own existence. There's never time to consciously decide actions that bring us benefits and good fruits. We act believing to make responsible and weighted choices, while we destroy our energy and our life with all sorts of harmful habits and emotional attachments, disguised as free decisions. We smoke 80 cigarettes a day, we eat well beyond our real needs, we constantly drink lots of damaging liquid, we treat our fellow human beings as objects, we work hours and hours just for an emotional addiction, without stopping a moment to wonder why; and we call this personal freedom.
If today was
the last day of my Life,
would I do
what I'm doing today?
Whenever the answer is no
for too many days in a row
I understand that there is something
that has to be changed.

Steve Jobs
Acting without expectations means preventing the Opponent to generate Disempowering Spirals based on an illusory judgement of the conditions around our action. Once an action is decided, it’s necessary to act without considering in any way the opinions and assumptions created by the Surface Mind, because these opinions and assumptions are not ours, they’re generated by the Opponent for the sole purpose of triggering a Disempowering Spiral, and have no real basis.
It’s not easy, but just because we are not accustomed to our greatness.
If only for one action, we do our best, regardless of any expectation of gain or loss, approval or condemnation, applause or contempt, we will be surprised by the amount of wonderful things that we can create.
Seek only to obtain
and the void will bury you,
as slow as mountain hours
in a deep embrace of dark.

Expand in serenity your giving
and the Light will light you up,
radiant as dawn of Sirius
in a cloak of pearls to emanate.

Gnarled and curved like the words
to have is the stick of the human

Brilliant and powerful as Mjolnir
to give is the Sceptre of each God
Accepting in serenity any result means to realize something that has always been and always will be: the result of our actions is outside the domain of the decisions of a human being. The freedom of human beings is to act, that is, into the creative expression of the Infinite in them; the results are determined by higher Forces. Results that can come after a long time. Results that can be totally different from what we wanted. There are always results arising from our actions, but what, when, how much and how, is the domain and decision of the Infinite.
Arjuna begins to act, to fight,
and does not know what will happen to him,
nor to his companions,
nor the outcome of the battle
or the future of his people.
But this knowing is the task of the Divine,
the "Knower of the field”.
The duty of human being, in reality,
is only to act,
that is, to live,
within the Extraordinary Manifestation
where his Life unfolds.

Andrea Di Terlizzi
Walter Ferrero
Accepting in serenity this truth, and therefore manifesting serenity in our life, is intolerable to the Opponent, because serenity is one of our natural emanations as human beings with which the Opponent can’t absolutely feed. The Opponent will attempt to blur this emanation triggering thoughts of negative judgement, of condemnation, of missed acceptance of the result of an action, for a very presumptuous non-compliance with its false expectations. But despite they are but thoughts, that is, subjective opinions and not necessarily true ( and in addition formulated and generated by a force in opposition to our Field of Consciousness ), we might end up believing them, and this will trigger a new Disempowering Spiral which will have the sole outcome to feed the forces of the Opponent and to deprive us again of Energy.
For the most part,
people don’t consider
that the Serenity
can be
a discipline.

Stuart Wilde
Through the weapon of discipline, instead, inner forces able to support us in our journey towards the life we want and deserve to live will be set in motion and fed, and the Opponent will begin to lose energy, because it will no longer be the one who decides disempowering actions instead of us, and its opinion and its false expectations will no longer receive our attention and our trust. Our awakened Consciousness will no longer believe its thoughts of negative judgement or non-objective evaluation that it will try to introduce into our Surface mind. All this will free energy more and more rapidly from the trap in which the Opponent has caged it to its advantage, allowing us to progress with more and more effectiveness and speed towards the majestic life we deserve to live.
exhausts so immeasurably
the mind
of the Flyer.

John Michael Abelar
But what is the difference between a disciplined action and a habit? Nothing but Consciousness. A habit stems from unconscious thoughts out of control; a disciplined action, instead, springs from aware thoughts and decisions. Although both use the same resources at the disposal of human beings, a habit disperses energy for emotional addiction, a disciplined action increases it. But what really makes a difference is Consciousness: if it is missing, the action becomes a habit; if it is powered, any action and any habit become a source of power.

However, it's a good thing to be aware, from the beginning, of a very important element: the Discipline is an illusion and will not give us any of its wonderful fruits if it’s not maintained over time. For how long? Our Deep Mind knows it perfectly. The sensations it will release in us, will tell us when the time of a discipline is over.
Everything begins
with a single action,
that has to be deliberate,
precise and maintained over time.
Repeating this action
long enough
activates one of the greatest gifts
that a human being can perceive in himself,
one of the pillars of his heritage
of magical being,
that then can be applied to all the rest:
the Unbending Intent.

John Michael Abelar